Sunday March 22, 2020 – VPC Online Service – Pastor Steve Gudrie – God’s Purpose for Parenting – Part 2

God’s Purpose for Parenting: Part 2

Pastor Steve Gudrie God invites us to see our children through His eyes and to see the gifts, the talents, and the future that God has planned for them. We get an incredible opportunity to raise our children in the way they should go. That doesn’t mean we force them to do what we think they were created to do, rather we are called to observe and discover what God has placed inside of our children and to support them in their journey of seeing those things fulfilled in their lives.

We want to encourage you to take this current situation and to intentionally build relationship with your children or grandchildren. Discover what’s inside of your kids, develop a healthy relationship with them, and devote yourself to building your children up while directing them so that they can create the life that they were always meant to live!